Attention Chronic Pain Suffers Aged 25-64+: Countless People Stumbled Across Dry Needling Merely Curious, And Left Having Found The Solution To Winning Back Their Health…

“Discover The Hidden Opportunities Of A Very Natural Therapy That Can Be Used To Recover Massive Amounts Of Health, One That Can Ease Long Term Pain, Reduce Unwanted Stiffness And Release Tension In Tight Muscles, And Can Do So Without Any Fear Of Side Effects!”…

Ashley Fontenot Hornsby
Katherine Prevost Stewart

Ashley Hornsby

Physical Therapist and Co-Owner

Don’t Miss Out On Your Best Chance To Discover YOUR Way To Put An End To Chronic Pain, Muscle Tension, Stiffness, Even Headache’s And Migraines, That So Many People Out There Try To Mask With Painkillers Or Hope In Vain Will Just Go Away…That Could Well Be The Critical Missing Link To Your Better Health And Happiness!…

It’s sad but true…

If someone with chronic knee pain, lower back stiffness, serious muscle tension, sheering headaches, infrequent but dread fully painful migraines, even someone living with arthritis running amok inside their joints, can benefit from this natural therapy, then there’s a good chance that you can too.

A long story cut short. You’ve just discovered a world where many people aged 25-64+, each with their own very different health concern, have found great comfort and relief given by a completely natural therapy proven to reduce the effects of long term pain and suffering…

In fact, this entire story is a MUST READ if you’re looking to achieve the pain relief, reduce muscle tension, find a reduction in the number and duration of headaches and even joint stiffness that you desire!

And how about a three step ALL NATURAL attack at fighting your health concern, one that combines three time proven, natural therapies to get a rapid action response, yet still keeps Dry Needling at the forefront of the fight?...

If you’ve tried just about everything from rest to medication to injections, chiropractic or even Physical Therapy, yet NOTHING seems to be able to give you the response that you desire to better your health, then it might be time to consider a new approach.

One that is time proven yet offers a modern approach and follows a very natural path to the recovery you desire.

Sound good?

And what about these…

Here, We Want To Talk To You About Why So Many People Fail To Take Advantage Of Dry Needling… We Call Them The Dangerous Half Truths And Hidden Opportunities

The problem with health care and many forms of medicine is that CONFUSION often reins supreme. And it can be a BIG problem to the people trying to access it and benefit from it, if the therapy they’re considering is not understood properly.

Amongst many health care professionals, time is a problem, nobody seems to have time to listen anymore, communication isn’t always great even at the best of times, the Internet can be confusing and gossip or hearsay fuels fear and worry, or worse still, offers false hope.

Often causing people to make either no decision at all, or just as bad, the completely wrong one.

So, for the first time, let’s look directly at the dangerous half-truths and explain simply the opportunities that exist for you and your better health within Therapeutic Dry Needling.

First, The Dangerous Half-Truths.

  • Dangerous Half Truth #1: Dry Needling might be a “natural” form of therapy, and depending upon the type you chose, it can also be an ‘Alternative Therapy’. Might help to understand this. The latter is suggestive of something that ISN’T ALWAYS backed by years of research or proven medical science. However, the type of Dry Needling that is provided by a Physical Therapist MUST be backed by research to stay in accordance with the rules of which we are governed by. So, be assured, any Dry Needling therapy that you receive whilst in our care WILL be backed by latest research and medical science.
  • Dangerous Half Truth #2: It might be steeped in ancient tradition, but it can also be based on medical research, backed by science and proven FACT. Dry Needling has been used for many years in the US , proof that very little doubt remains about the effectiveness and safeness of this natural therapy.
  • Dangerous Half Truth #3: And don’t be confused or worried by hearing Dry Needling termed a “Complimentary Therapy”, it is, and a very effective one at that. And one we often encourage people to consider. Any form of Complimentary Therapy just means something that it is often used alongside another form of treatment such as Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or exercise, to extract maximum benefit and to better the health of the person receiving them.
  • Dangerous Half Truth #4: Dry Needling works instantly. That’s rarely the case and besides, this is very subjective and wholly dependent upon your desired outcome and need. It’s true that Dry Needling can and does often reduce symptoms often immediately, but that doesn’t mean to say that things will stay that way after just one visit. It often requires more than one visit to see a Dry Needling specialist, if you want a better health that lasts. We often say that it takes “anything up to 10 visits - to get an over night cure!” As for the hidden health opportunities, well, those are endless. And they’re covered throughout this page. But, it might help you to know this now, the real opportunities for Dry Needling exist inside a group of problems such as arthritis, degeneration of joints, stiffness, muscles that are tense, ferocious migraine attacks and tension headaches and so many more. There are very few health concerns that aren't considered likely to benefit from a course of Dry Needling therapy in some way.

Your Health And You Can Benefit From A Visit To See One Of Our Dry Needling Specialists In At Least Three Big Ways…

When you decide to come in and see one of our Dry Needling Specialists, this is how you can expect your health to benefit…

  • Big Benefit #1: Ease long-standing or ‘chronic’ pain of problems at your knee, lower back, neck or shoulders. Some people, who often even stumble across Dry Needling for these types of health concerns, have arrived at our doors having already tried just about everything else!...Sound familiar?
    Dry Needling has countless stories of being able to help relieve long-standing pain that many other things including medication and rest just can’t seem to touch.
  • Big Benefit #2: Release tension from tight muscles that just don’t seem to want to relax. For some people, no matter what they try, or how many massages they have or how many pillows or mattresses they change, they just can’t get rid of tension or tightness in their shoulder muscles and neck area. All of which can accumulate in migraines or constant tension headaches.
    If you want to achieve this, our experience and the text books tells us that Dry Needling will likely be perfect for you and this is one of the most popular reasons that people choose Dry Needling.
  • Big Benefit #3: Big Benefit #3: Reduce the stiffness caused by arthritis, degeneration or wear and tear in joints such as knee, ankle, neck and lower back. Dry Needling is proven to help make joints feel more mobile, less stiff and more supple.
    So, if stiffness or Arthritis is causing a problem inside your joints, then there’s enough evidence in the textbooks, and from people we’ve helped in the past, to suggest that Dry Needling will help you.

You’ve Got Me Really Interested In Dry Needling Now, I’d Just Like To Know A Little Bit More About What I Can Expect To Happen When I Come And See You…

When you arrive for your very first consultation with a Dry Needling Specialist, you can explain what’s going wrong, what your health concerns are, and what you want to achieve from Dry Needling.

If your health concern is suitable for Dry Needling, with your consent, and following an easy to understand explanation of your problem, alongside the likely benefit of you going ahead with treatment, your recovery via Dry Needling will begin at your very first visit.

Dry Needling involves the use of a number of very fine needles placed into the surface of your skin. And these ‘needles’ are so fine and thin that you will barely even notice or feel them going in. These ‘needles’ are nothing like the ones you might expect to find at the dentist or your General Practioner. Very few patients ever complain of pain or discomfort when the needles are placed in.

If your intention is to go right ahead with Dry Needling, before you visit, it would help to be aware of clothing and food. Loose clothing that allows easy access to the area of concern, and it is NOT ideal for you to have Dry Needling on an empty stomach or even straight after a large meal.

And for the time immediately after your visit, remember that you’re likely to feel really relaxed (another big benefit), calm and possibly even a little tired or sleepy. You can hang around in our waiting area for as long as you need, after your visit.

Sounds Easy, And Is There Any Other Way That Dry Needling Will Be Able To Help Me?…I Really Want To Get The Best Out Of It…

For a rapid action, fast results, all out attack on your problem, one that uses a COMBINATION of Natural Therapies.

Consider this: Have your health concern or problem area attacked by Dry Needling at one visit, worked over with expert Therapeutic Massage techniques at the next, and then hammered down with an Exercise Therapy program designed specifically for you, one that really works at keeping you trouble free in the long term?

Sound good?

Well, here’s how it would work…

So, let’s say that you came to us with pain, tension and tightness in your neck and shoulder area, that could even be causing tension headaches or pain in your arm.

First we’d start with Dry Needling. We’d do that to quickly try to change and alter the sensation of the nerves to get you out of your discomfort.

Then we’d follow that up very soon, perhaps two days after your first visit, with a full session including Massage Therapy aimed specifically at reducing the tension and tightness in your muscles.

And then we’d repeat, as appropriate, until your health concern or pain was eased. Your Physical Therapist would then design you an exercise program that works. One that is made especially for you to make you stronger, more flexible and looser, and one that is designed to hammer home the benefits of the Dry Needling and massage that you’ve been receiving.

Ok, Who Else Qualifies To Benefit From Dry Needling?…

If you’ve got something going wrong and you can say YES to any of the following WARNING SIGNS, you can be confident that you’re a perfect candidate and will likely qualify to benefit from Dry Needling …

  • Warning Sign #1: You’ve been living with knee, lower back, hip or ankle joint pain and stiffness for a long, long time.
  • Warning Sign #2: You’ve put up with muscles tension, causing headaches and even migraines for ages now, or your worried that what you’ve just recently begun to experience, will hang around longer than you want.
  • Warning Sign #3: You suffer terrible muscle tension, specifically in your neck and shoulder region that you have so far not managed to find any way to control.
  • Warning Sign #4: You’ve been diagnosed with Sciatica, and the nerve pain it causes is unbearable and you would like to find even just a temporary relief.
  • Warning Sign #5: You’re a keen sports person, but suffer the inconvenience of muscle problems such as hamstring, calf, plantar fasciitis or even long term Achilles pain.
  • Warning Sign #6: You’re in severe pain from a nerve in your leg or arm, and despite everything else that you’ve tried; nothing seems to be able to stop the pain signals.

But Wait, My Health Problem Has Gone On For Years, And I’ve Tried Just About Everything…

If that’s you, then you are the ideal person that we like to offer Dry Needling to. Many people literally ‘stumble’ across Dry Needling having tried everything else and then wish they’d found it years before.

Some are people introduced to it by their Doctor, who then realize how helpful it can be to them, and then come to us looking for a longer, more sustainable course of treatment.

People who have suffered with things like long term arthritis in their knees and neck, spondylosis in the lower back, raging muscle tension, or nerve pain, who had previously tried chiropractic, Physical Therapy, medication, all of the exercises possible, and even injections, to zero benefit, have gone on to have great success with Dry Needling.

So if you have hit a road block in your search for better health, not sure which way to turn next, feel like you’re running out of options, or are just STUCK, then Dry Needling could be the critical missing link you need.

Un-Answered Concerns And Questions On Dry Needling? Have Them Answered Here Now…


  • Q. I’m 53, have suffered for a terribly long time with neck and shoulder tension that comes and go’s. It feels like I’ve suffered for years now. I have no idea when it’s likely to come on, and definitely no idea of how to ease the pain. Will Dry Needling help me?
    A. This is a very familiar history and it’s more than likely that you’ve already tried many other forms of medicine if you’ve had these types of problems for years. So, Dry Needling is the next logical step. And our Specialist will be very comfortable with your story, and know exactly where to target to give you the relief you desire.
  • Q. I’ve suffered with my knee for years, doctors told me I had some early degeneration in my knee when I was in my 40’s, and 10 years later it really bothers me. Will Dry Needling take away the ache and help with swelling? I’m 58.
    This sounds like a perfect case for combination therapy involving both Dry Needling and exercises. With any form of arthritis or degeneration in a joint, Dry Needling could help take away your ache, and then in the absence of pain, if you were then able to begin the right exercises to strengthen your body, this would likely help the recovery fight. Your Specialist would talk to you about this at your visit or you could even take advantage of the free telephone consultation service with an expert, that’s available to you, which you can use to discuss Dry Needling and your health concerns further.
  • Q. I’ve put up with tension headaches and even migraines now for years, tried all sorts of medications and treatments, but I’m running out of options to control them? I’m not looking for a guaranteed cure, just an avenue to go down to try and control them better. I’m 43.
    Really common problem. And one many people turn to Dry Needling for. If you’ve tried rest, medication and other types of care, but nothing seems to help, then a course of Dry Needling would definitely be worth a try. We can never 100% guarantee that it will work, all that we can say is that many people with a similar health concern have tried and benefitted from Dry Needling. It may be that following your initial consultation and evaluation, that your Specialist is able to suggest a combination of Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, and Exercises. A three-tier attack of your problem that still maintains an all-natural approach to your treatment, one that keeps Acupuncture at the very center of that approach.

Here Are Three BIG Quality Care Assurances We Can Guarantee You…

  • Quality Care Assurance #1: The Dry Needling Specialist you will visit is approved by licensed and highly trained and certified in Therapeutic Dry Needling Techniques. So, you can be 100% sure that the approach that is taken to achieve your desired better health outcome from Dry Needling will be safe and will follow the latest in treatment advances.
  • Quality Care Assurance #2: Back pain, knee problems, muscle tension, nerve pain, headaches and migraines are problems that a Physical Therapist will see all day long. One of our main objectives is to establish exactly what is going wrong, and then make sure that you understand what it is that is causing your health concern. So, as well as receiving Dry Needling at your very first visit, you’ll be given a very clear and easy to understand explanation of your problem and proposed care plan.
  • Quality Care Assurance #3: Choose a ‘Combination Therapy’ that works. Because you will be visiting a Physical Therapist Specialized in Therapeutic Dry Needling, you’ve got twice as much knowledge to tap into and you will also be able to choose an all-natural approach to your recovery that involves Dry Needling, Manual Therapy and Exercise Therapy, in one.

But, You Said That This Was Very Natural, Are There Any Side Effects What So Ever That I Should Be Aware Of?
Usually not.

Dry Needling is a very safe and very natural way of encouraging the body to promote it’s own healing and beginning its own recovery. That’s why so many people chose it.

Done right, by a Specialist, Dry Needling is very unlikely to cause any harmful or serious side effects. You will likely feel a brief stinging sensation, like a pin prick, when the needles are placed in the skin. You might get a dull ache and some possible soreness in the muscles later on after the visit is done.

You could experience some general changes in things like your sleep or appetite, but non-that will be permanent or even harmful. This is just a natural consequence of nerves and muscles being stimulated by the needles. Often a good sign that things are beginning to change!

If You Want The Latest Treatment Techniques From A Medicine That Advances Fast, You’re Going To Need To Choose A Dynamic, Forward Thinking Professional, Able To Keep Pace With The Modern Approach…

Anyone considering Dry Needling to solve their health concern needs three things…

  • #1 - Access to Experts in the field
  • #2: - On-going, inspiration, support and guidance
  • #3: Up to the minute information on the newest techniques and exercises to guarantee the outcome you desire.

Your first visit to Thrive Physical Therapy for Dry Needling will be backed by Ashley and Katherine’s very generous guarantee to PAY FOR YOUR VISIT… if for any reason that you weren’t convinced that you’d made the right decision to invest in Dry Needling, then they will incur the cost of the initial session themselves.

This generous guarantee allows you to ‘test-run’ Dry Needling without the fear of having to pay for something that might not benefit you.

Important, particularly if you’re brand new to Dry Needling, not 100% sure it will work for you, and this will also help ‘release the pressure’ that is building if you are stuck, running out of options or just no idea which way to turn next to sort your health concern, but don’t want to rush into making the wrong decision for fear of it costing you financially.

This is a Firm, unconditional Guarantee that if you’re not happy with Dry Needling during your first session, that it didn’t help you in the way that you hoped, or you think that you’ve made a mistake in choosing it, you will not pay for your visit and the costs will be incurred by Ashley and Katherine.

Three BIG Prizes Waiting For You At The End Of Your Dry Needling Visits…

  • BIG PRIZE #1: Take back control of your health. With the right guidance, expert advice and on-going support, Dry Needling can be the critical missing link in your fight against feeling older, stiffer and suffering with pain.
  • BIG PRIZE #2: Manage, control and even get rid of the aches, pains and stiffness that are currently interrupting your life.
  • BIG PRIZE #3: Enjoy the hope that comes with choosing a time proven Natural Therapy to solve your health concern, safe in the knowledge that there are virtually no side effects or ill health whatsoever.
Katherine Prevost Stewart

Katherine Stewart

Physical Therapist and Co-Owner

Ok, Where Can I Go To Get All Of This?…

We're located at: 4150 Nelson Rd. Suite C12 Lake Charles, LA 70655

Talk To a PT On The Phone First
Inquire About Cost & Availability

Dedicated to Restoring Your Health,

Blakelee Moore, Expert Physical Therapist and Dry Needling Specialist. Better Health Team at Thrive Physical Therapy.

P.S. If you’re aged 25-64 and have just stumbled across Dry Needling or are considering it as a last resort to ease your health concern, it might help you to know that you’re just like many of the people who now regularly access our Dry Needling care. Many people do choose Dry Needling having tried so many other things first.

We could never promise that Dry Needling will work for fighting every ache and pain. That’s not possible with any type of therapy or medicine. But what we can say is that you’ll find out very quickly. And, even if we find out Acupuncture isn’t right for you, we’ll do our best to suggest every possible route that we know of, that might be able to help you.

P.P.S. Imagine being able to live with less pain, move with more freedom, sleep more comfortably with less tension, work with less stress, or know you’re going to suffer less headaches or experience fewer migraines. Acupuncture has evolved to enable you do all of that and help you win back your health, as fast as possible, no matter how long you’ve been suffering…

And the best part is that someone else (Ashley and Katherine) will pay for your first Acupuncture visit, if during or after, you think that you made a mistake in choosing Dry Needling, or it didn’t benefit you in the way you had hoped.

If that happened, then you can notify your therapist that Dry Needling isn’t for you.

P.P.P.S. In the years we’ve been doing Dry Needling for people with health concerns just like you, we’ve really been able to find out what works and what doesn’t. And know this, the hidden opportunities for you in Dry Needling, often comes when the person doing it knows when to COMBINE it with other natural therapies such as massage and exercise. If you want to know more about how combining natural therapies might be able to help you, talk to us about this when you arrive.

“Look What Our HEALTHIER, HAPPIER and MORE ACTIVE Clients Had To Say After Just a Few Short Weeks!”!

I have suffered with a pain in my neck for months. Once my husband was ruled out as the cause..... I found my way to THRIVE. Blakelee and Emma have both helped SOOOO much in the last few weeks!! I finally have hope. Everyone in the office is friendly and great. You can't go wrong here!

Becky Mid 40s, Lake Charles

I injured myself about eight years before I started coming to Thrive. I tried a lot of other things including a total orthopedic surgeon, chiropractic massage and another physical therapy office in Lake Charles. It was difficult for me to take long rides in a car where I had to sit for a long time. It was difficult for me to do my job. I had a physically demanding job. It was difficult for me to walk for more than about 15 minutes. I just feel like you've helped me turn the clock back on my physical body. I needed to be able to have my hips balanced so that I could walk and sit without hurting. And that has been accomplished and so much more.

Johnnye Early 50s, Moss Bluff